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Primary Shredder

HAMMEL-primary shredder

HAMMEL-primary shredders use two unique intertwining shredding shafts, that can be configured according to requirements and operate at a maximum speed of 46 revolutions per minute.

The material placed into the hopper is drawn in by the shafts, torn and broken down to be routed directly to the horizontal belt.
Is the hydraulic end pressure reached during the shredding process, the shafts of the HAMMEL shredder reverse automatically. The shafts run backwards, throwing the material apart and clean themselves.

Each HAMMEL-primary shredder has an attractive basic configuration, complies with the latest technical standards and ensures high quality standards. The HAMMEL-primary shredder especially impresses mainly through:
  • high throughput
  • User-friendly operation via 4-channel remote control
  • robust construction
  • minimal dust formation
  • durable tools
  • low wear and tear
  • very low noise emmission
  • no missiles
  • no fire hazard
  • customized design
  • low consumption
Basic Configuration

The HAMMEL-primary shredders are optionally equipped with a diesel-hydraulic drive from reputable manufacturers or electro-hydraulic drive with high quality electric motors. They are available in stationary, semi-mobile or mobile version.

The specially developed HAMMEL exhaust system renders sound emissions at a low level. And the proper feeding of the HAMMEL-primary shredder is secured by a large volume hopper, consisting of main and tilting hopper. The capacity of the hopper depends on the respective machine.

Additional options

So that the HAMMEL-primary shredder perfectly meets your needs, choose from a variety of additional options:
  • Hopper extensions
  • Belt extensions
  • Belt cover
  • Hydraulic belt adjustment 
  • Water sprinkling system
  • Magnet (FE-separation)
  • Particulate filter
  • Return ventilator
VB 450

VB 450

The HAMMEL-primary shredder VB 450 is ideal for shredding manageable amounts of material and offers all the benefits of the "big" HAMMEL-primary shredder.

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VB 650

VB 650

The VB 650 is available as a diesel or electric version, stationary or with hook-lift and already shreds three times the amount compared to the VB 450.

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VB 750 DK LE

VB 750

Depending on the shaft configuration the HAMMEL-all-rounder shreds various materials from the wood, waste and metal in different sizes.

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VB 850

VB 850

Even the HAMMEL-primary shredder VB 850 is particularly suitable for shredding large-volume materials from wood, waste and metal. Moreover, in addition to other options, metal separation, breaker bar or stone crusher are available

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VB 950

VB 950

The powerful all-rounder - the RED GIANT – offers all amenities of the HAMMEL-primary shredder and meets any challenge. The VB 950 shreds effortlessly large-volume material in the field of metals and even processes complete car bodies.

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VB 1500

VB 1500

New - the largest and most powerful primary shredder in the world. Experience a new level of throughput and performance.

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