HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH one of the most well-known manufacturer of shredding machines and recycling plants also took part as exhibitor at the Ecomondo trade-show for more than 18 years, now. The Ecomondo is one of the most significant international exhibitions of the Green and Circular Economy system in the Mediterranean area, located in Rimini / Italy. The modern and large-scale exhibition centre let 1,200 companies present themselves and held the attention of 116,131 visitors this year. The trade-show has become a stable as well as effective meeting points for the companies and new and existing customers. The trade-fair team was completed by HAMMEL’s Italian business partner company 4service Europe s.r.l. and several HAMMEL members. Through these means of cooperation, numerous prospective customers were able to be consulted on an individual basis in many different languages. This year’s trade-show unveiled two new product innovations, the first being the primary shredder 750 DK extra power and the secondary shredder HEM 400 D.

The HAMMEL primary shredder type 750 DK extra power, with its modified powerful CAT diesel engine with 480 hp and wider tracks offering greater flexibility as well as an over belt magnet for optimal separation of ferrous metals, it is an impressive and powerful machine. The machine can be used to pre-shred materials like wood, bulky and industrial waste as well as aluminium profiles and light metal scrap with a high throughput.

The HAMMEL secondary shredder type HEM 400 D, equipped with a Cat engine with 350 hp is applied as a secondary shredder for aluminium. The shredding rotor with 52 eccentric discs shred the pre-shredded material in the secondary stage. The screen basket around the rotor define the final grain size of approx. 0 – 50 mm with a small percentage of oversize. This end product is optimal for a later treatment for aluminium melting companies and for further separation of different alloys.

This year’s trade-show has been a positive and satisfying event for HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH. Numerous visitors and a very positive mood has proven to be a successful appearance at this year’s Ecomondo, not only for the local Italian market but also internally due to a special meeting program for searching companies.

The Ecomondo was the final hightlight for HAMMEL and 4Service after a successful demo tour in Italy, which was organized throughout the northern, middle and southern parts of Italy. During the four-week tour, HAMMEL was able to prove the efficiency of its machines through shredding different materials like waste, wood debris and metal profiles.

Next year further demo tours are also in planning. Equally the planning of trade-shows is also on target for 2018, besides the Ecomondo also some other national and international trade-show will be important for the company.